Post numero uno.

I’ve already written a bit about why I am blogging in my “About” section, but since I am trying to exercise my yet-to-be-found blogging skills I am using this post as practice.

I have been painting, drawing and making things my entire life. A whopping 34 years. I know, a friggin’ lifetime, right? Anyway, over the years countless people have told me I should display my “stuff” or even try to sell what I’ve created. This sounded a bit far-fetched and extreme to me back then, but having tons of crafts/projects/art just end up disappearing into the ether is starting to depress me. As if all those hours spent poring over something were wasted and forgotten, by me even. I can’t believe how many times someone has told me that they still have the drawing/painting/card/scribble I made for them way back when and I have no idea what they are talking about. How can I forget? Where’s my head!? Probably consumed by the next idea (I hope!).

Anyway, I have another blog that I was basically using to record all the creative-themed activities I was getting up to ( I didn’t expect any followers and didn’t even know how to get them. I think I have one, at most two followers. Glorious achievement at its best. Not that getting followers is the end all and be all, it just reflects what a bad job I was doing. I had no idea what blogging was really about and literally posted close to 75 posts in one day. Well done Kyly. Now what are you going to post for the next year? I’ve learnt from that. I was in a huge rush to get everything recorded, flew through my posts with dismal photography and no real theme or feel to amalgamate it all, and thus have no real love for the blog.

This time around I am taking it slow, quality over quantity, with more writing to keep it going instead of relying on yet another creation to make a post blog-worthy, which just resulted in me eventually stopping dead when I had no time to make something to feature. As well as having a place to showcase creations I am truly proud of (unlike my other blog which consisted of anything i made, fantastic or not), my dream is to have my own Etsy shop soon. I want my blog to be an extension of that so that prospective buyers can see that there is a genuine person behind the “shop”, sitting for hours lovingly making stock and paying meticulous attention to detail, because that’s what gets me up in the morning. Doing things correctly, going the whole hog, no half jobs, PERFECTION! Whoa! Getting a little carried away there. I’m my own drill sergeant, is it obvious? 😉

To make my blogging experience more entertaining and fun for not just me, I will be writing about all kinds of topics and ideas that are on my mind, not only creative subjects. It could be fashion, movies, books, art, Pokemon, who knows? The options are endless. I hope that this new approach will take the pressure off and allow me to just be who I am, using all my interests and therefore creating something interesting and feasible.

Here’s to interesting times (yes, I’m a Pratchett fan too).

(Photo taken by my husband in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Ain’t it purdy?)

19 responses to Post numero uno.

    • kylysheldon says:

      You wont believe it, but I too was once a clown. When I was in my twenties I used to facepaint and balloon twist at kids parties and shopping centres for a PR company. Kindred with a “K”. Can you feel that? It was my inner clown embracing your outward clown 😉


  1. Debbie Chapman says:

    Go for it Kyly .. all creative stuff should be captured .. blogging is an excellent way to express creative juices .. good luck take care. Deb


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