Be still my beating heart.

Since I was on about shoes yesterday I might as well carry on in the same vein. I discovered The Kooples on one of my favourite fashion blogs – Kingdom Of Style (go check them out. They ROCK. Seriously, go NOW, but read my post first). They feature the brand from time to time. They posted these shoes. Oh I die. The beauty. Shoes! Give me shoes! Definitely worthy of a kidney, am I right?



I made the mistake of looking at the rest of the range of goodies on offer at The Kooples. Now I’m just sad. So much goodness. I want it ALL.

On the topic of fashion. I’m pretty chuffed with today’s get-up. Classical, with a bit of edge. Yip, I’m going grocery shopping. Whoop! The joys of a stay-at-home mom. The loafers are a recent purchase from a local brand right here in the S of A. Jane Sews are based in Durban and on top of quality artisan offerings they also have brilliant customer service. I should know, I exchanged my first pair of loafers because they were a bit small. Easy peasy.

Biker jacket – Edgars/Skinnies – Woolworths/Pullover, belt – Woolworths Men’s section/Loafers – Jane Sews

Yes, yes I know. Dorky socks to the MAX, but its frikkin’ freezing. I choose to forego style in the name of warmth (until Summer returns). The dirty mat is 100% due to my messy furbaby, Chewy (Chewbacca), who enjoys bringing the wonders of nature into our bedroom while rolling around on the floor like a pom pom possessed by demons.


He’s actually white, he’s just sporting his just-rolled-in-the-dirt-and-spread-it-on-mom’s-bed coat this fine day. Bath time is nigh.

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