Snippets of stock

I mentioned in my “About” section that I have (wild yet very self conscious) aspirations of having my own Etsy store in the near future. This hasn’t just manifested in my head, it has been keeping my hands a-busy for a while now, just so you are aware of the fact that I’m not all bark and no bite.

I will still post proper posts in my “Projects” section focusing on one subject at a time, but for that I need real-camera grown-up photos of which I am incapable (and I’m still waiting for my branded tags and stickers to make me look all pro and stuff). This post is just a snippet, a taste tester, a teaser (and my latest task assigned to me by my “Blogging 101” course – i.e “publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it”. I still don’t know who my ideal audience is due to the fact that my interests are so varied so I guess this is aimed at you know, the WORLD, but I do know what is new to me. Embedding Instagram pics. So that’s what I’m going to do).

Exhibit A:

My moonkeys, or more commonly known in the world of literate and non-child rearing humans, “monkeys”. Made from socks. Nice new clean ones:

Exhibit B:

“Flip Flap” photo albums:

I’m going to stop with the “Exhibits” now, it’s run its course.

Chalk pastel illustrations:

Acrylic paint block prints:

Goodness me. Those are some HUGE Instagram pics. They’re a teeny bit overwhelming. Try as I might, I have battled ALL day to resize them, to no avail. Code (you detroyer of souls) and I have never been on good terms.

Onto less (hair-ripping-from-the-roots-and-metaphorically-throwing-my-brain-on-the-floor) frustrating topics. Behold. The outfit of the day. Exciting stuff like not doing the dishes (which are currently staring me down, oh the pressure) and post office gallivants called for comfort.

Sweatshirt – Pick ‘n Pay/Faux leather pants – Country Road/Wedge sneakers – Sketchers



4 responses to Snippets of stock

  1. Joey Zompaws says:

    You have some.really great little products there, I’m not sure I could pick a fovorite actually, probably the pastel or the acrylic prints as they are “up my street” so to speek.


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