Christmas in July

I did a cartwheel today. In my mind.

A much anticipated package arrived from Canada. I have been following this young watercolour genius for a few years now. Whimsical, original, creative, beautiful.

I give you the talented “Koyamori/Maruti Bitamin“.

Koy02I went a bit ape in her lovely store and acquired some deliciously divine (maga)zines and prints. Can you see my happy face? It’s so very happy.

Can’t wait to frame these babies. My house is going to be the shite.



2 responses to Christmas in July

  1. Joey Zompaws says:

    Yess it is the prettiest art isn’t it? The crispness of her colour, even in areas where the paint is wet on wet and it is bleeding into each other, there is always these perfectly blended changes in colour or shade. If I do wet on wet it just ends up a bit splodgey mess. I’ve recently looked at her tutorials for negative painting, which is completely different to how I was taught, so I am going to give it a shot at some point. And see how much masking fluid I can throw over the place (Most of my last bottle has been on the carpet and my bed).


    • Kyly Sheldon says:

      She’s such an inspiration to me too, though when I try do things in that style it doesn’t come close 😛 I will, however keep trying ’cause it’s a fantastic technique.
      Good luck with your negative painting, i’d love to see the result 😉


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