Laughing AND decluttering. It’s possible.

There is a local YouTube channel that I love. It’s called “Suzelle DIY“.

It is a DIY channel with a difference. The “presenter” is a tongue in cheek parody of an Afrikaans woman who loves to DIY. The presenter might be a humorous made-up character, but the DIY’s are all legit, which makes for a fantastic combo.


If you are South African, it is especially hilarious. Suzelle and I are completely on the same page at the moment. Page 725 “Declutter MotherF@$#&r”. (I apologize for the language, things are getting SERIOUS up in here). Her video made me squeal with laughter. Hope you squeal too.

(Her accent is quite strong, I’d be happy to translate anything for anyone not from South Africa. For me, the accent is the best part. I WANT you to enjoy it)

4 responses to Laughing AND decluttering. It’s possible.

  1. toutparmoi says:

    Suzelle’s a delight! I’ll soon be ready for my next round of decluttering, because Spring has a way of stirring me into action. The garden needs decluttering too – it took a pounding from the wind this winter. Time to hire another Green Waste bin. Happy days (not).

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    • Kyly Sheldon says:

      Suzelle’s other videos are worth a watch too. Very amusing with actual real handy hints. Spring also has that effect on me and this year at least I’m already almost there 🙂

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