The ball, she is a-rollin’

I recently received my labels and stickers, which will be joined in Holy Matrimony to my range of handmade bits, for my Etsy shop that is to still be created. (Just give me a moment, I’ll get there. Before Christmas. Latest New Year. Definitely by Easter. Probably.)

I’m ecstatic with the embroidered labels. I have an urge to sew them onto everything that something can be sewn onto. I have 300. Yay me.

Not so much with the stickers. The quality leaves something SUBSTANTIAL to be desired. The print quality is far from astonishing. I will continue the search. At least something is happening.

I have a mountain of socks that needs some attention with a needle and thread. I think the size of the mountain is what’s making me procrastinate and steer my efforts towards tidying as opposed to sewing jungleย friends for my shop. I can hear the call of the wild (the jungle friends, not the loo), I’m just ignoring it for now.



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