The stinkin’ Blanket.

Or should I say, the bane of my existence. Currently.

What started off as a therapeutic exercise to use up stored wool that I didn’t want to chuck has just become a burden. Constantly scratching at the back of my mind, “Complete me, complete me. COMPLETE ME. Get off your lazy butt and stop doing important things like playing with your child”.

I’m not even having fun anymore. It’s just getting tedious and slightly out of control now that the giant neon wool has joined the party. I don’t even know how all of this is going to fit together, if at all. My brilliant plan – to crochet all the joins.ย I’m so funny sometimes.

Even the furbaby has no faith in me.

You’re probably asking why I don’t just leave it and move on. It’s just a friggin’ blanket for heaven’s sake.

I am incapable of leaving a project unfinished. Even if I am hating every minute, things need to be complete so my mind can be at ease. THEN I can get rid of the offending project and move on. Ridiculous, I know.

Wish me luck.

If I haven’t completed this damn thing in the next week I don’t think I can deal with it. I really don’t want an 8 metre scarf.

18 responses to The stinkin’ Blanket.

  1. I have faith in its completion! And if you need a home for it, let me know, it is a very cool blanket so far.

    When I am on a project I am having trouble with, I do step back and take a break from it. I suggest when you really get frustrated with it, think “This Blanket is for the World Famous Chuckles Douchet! How can I let Chuckles freeze in the cold, wet and rainy Pacific Northwest?” ;D

    You got this!

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  2. Kyly Sheldon says:

    Ooh! Thanks for the reblog. I’m so flattered. Your blog is fabulous.

    As for the blanket, it’s less about patience (of which I have none) and more about my obsession with using things up. I’m glad you like my higgeldy piggeldy attempt so far ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Thumbup says:

    I feel you when you said, things need to be complete so my mind can be at ease. True that! Gots to be completed!


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