Still not The Blanket.

Put the blanket out of your mind. This is better.

This past weekend was my husband’s Gran’s 85th Birthday. She is the most amazing individual. I love her and her straightforward personality to BITS. The charm is heightened by her strong German accent. She is also immensely warm and caring and treats me like one of her own grandkids.Β What’s not to love?

I made this box for her.

IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5324

To cut a long story short, in chronological order –

Wooden box from craft store, disassemble, acrylic poster paint, gloss spray varnish, inside lined with maroon felt, top “cushioned” with white felt, cross stitch design glued to lid sides with wood glue and clamped ’til dry, bias binding to finish edges (fabric glue used), reassemble.

Et voila.

14 responses to Still not The Blanket.

  1. nana2jackson says:

    Perfect gift.. u r a thoughtful person. I’m sure she will love it because it was made by you and fill it with treasures that are meaningful.


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