Footwear Fridays

I’m so very sorry to upset your retinal pleasure this soon after the last horror show, but it has to be done.

This isn’t quite as frightening as the last time. It’s more baffling than anything. So many questions, but mainly just, “Why!?”.

The Gucci Kangaroo Fur Slipper



Gucci, my dear, this scares me so,

Kangaroo slippers, it’s just a “no”.

To step in roadkill, would look the same,

Even the shoe feels sad and lame.

12 responses to Footwear Fridays

    • Kyly Sheldon says:

      Yes. Kangaroo. I have no idea why it is acceptable to wear kangaroo, as if they are lesser animals, and all other fur is taboo. It’s bizarre.


  1. I don’t know, for me these go beyond the horror of the blue Doc Martens and sit squarely in the repulsive category. I must be lacking fashion sense, because I just do not understand these. /shiver

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