Joy of all joys.

It is done. DONE.

Two beers please!


At last.

Out of my hair and, I’d like to say out of my life, but after all the blood, sweat and swearing I can’t let this little bastard go.

I would have been finished earlier, but I had a “good” idea! Sometimes I really hate myself.

Initially, I finished the edges with single crochet. It was finished.


And then I decided that wasn’t enough.


Heaven knows.

So I embarked on a row of double crochet too. This is some serious self hate going on here.


Anyway, it is done and that’s what matters.

The dog approves. That’s a step in the right direction if you ask me.




Illustration by me.


9 responses to Joy of all joys.

  1. Love your illustration, it speaks volumes! ;D Congratulations on finishing your blanket…it looks great. Now, on to the next adventure eh?


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