Yoga Adventures with a Toddler. Pt 1

I don’t know how I expect this to work, since you are actually supposed to be “mindful” during yoga. I get interrupted every few seconds.


I’m having the urge to stretch stuff. Miss Muffet weighs a ton and is destroying my back. One vertebra at a time.

There is a problem though. For some reason if I am on the ground my offspring HAS TO sit on my head. HAS TO. She can’t help herself. It makes certain poses a little difficult.

Child’s Pose. Literally.



Illustration by me.

EDIT – better representation here.

8 responses to Yoga Adventures with a Toddler. Pt 1

      • Anand says:

        It’s a stress-busting mechanism I developed when I was a student. One of these professors of mine was a fire-spewing monster, and for some obscure reason, he was in a habit of picking up on me. I began to imagine him decked in briefs, socks, shoes, and a tie, sans the shirt and trousers…and whenever he’d begin to shout at me, I’d imagine him shouting near buff…it diffused the stress and anger that welled up within – I think that’s when I subconsciously began to see the funny side of people.

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      • Kyly Sheldon says:

        Well good for you. I probably would have crumpled into a pathetic heap and wept quietly to myself 😉


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