Footwear Fridays

From camel toe to just plain toe.

I don’t care if they make your toes feel independent yet still loved and protected. You just can’t go around doing this to your feet in public. Have some empathy for heaven’s sake.

Toe/barefoot running shoes.


Every toe in its place, snuggled all around,

Unaware of all the stares and sniggers to be found.

Take some pity on thine feet they serve thee well each day,

Take thine shoes and light a fire, so dignity can stay.

6 responses to Footwear Fridays

  1. i have socks for these shoes… yes toe socks, not the ridiculous stripey rainbow ones either… simple black ankle socks.

    This type of shoe causes major foot odor because of the enclosed spaces, and also athletes foot (icky), so socks are paramount with these shoes!

    When I went to Japan the first time, I found huge packages of plain white crew toe socks. They were made of a white cotton blend to absorb moisture to prevent athletes foot.

    Say what you want about toe socks n shoes, they are pretty groovey to me.

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    • Kyly Sheldon says:

      So these shoes actually get better!? “Buy NOW and receive a free case of athletes foot!”. Awesome. Toe socks don’t bother me, they’re just funny.


  2. essiep says:

    I am considering getting a pair of these because they’re funny. Funny is a good enough reason for me.
    I hear that Vibram are in legal trouble because of unsubstantiated claims made in advertising. Perhaps, I should hurry to get them soon.


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