Footwear Fridays

Why am I thinking of Mad Max, and in particular, Furiosa?

Probably because these boots look like they can kick some serious butt, something Furiosa excells at.

The Laurence Decade Badely Double-Buckle Boot.


Thine spiky skin and criss-cross stitch,

Would send thine foe into a ditch.

Tough but stunning is thine deal,

Seduce mine feet, their heart thy steal.


This will most probably be the last “Footwear Friday”, unless I feel a pang of inspiration, I feel this weekly feature has run its course.


10 responses to Footwear Fridays

    • Kyly Sheldon says:

      Well, if I see a pair of shoes that need attention, there will most probably be a guest appearance here and there 😉

      Ooh! The rugby! I’m already on the edge of my seat and the game is about 10 hrs away. Oh my word, the stress. Are you following the World Cup?

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      • toutparmoi says:

        Not much. As a Kiwi it shames me to say that I prefer football! But I’ll definitely be staying up for this game. It screens at 3.00 a.m here.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kyly Sheldon says:

        Blasphemy! Haha!
        3am, you poor thing. I also have a confession. I’m an SA supporter first, but I do love the Kiwis too. Their game is perfection. If they win the World Cup I won’t be too sad. Australia on the other hand……no comment 😛

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      • toutparmoi says:

        Too true, sister. When the Aussies play Argentina, I’ll be cheering for the Pumas.

        Even though I think the live screen coverage starts at 3.00 a.m here, the game will probably start nearer 4.00 a.m, so I may try and get a few hours sleep first. Thing is, I’m not a morning person, so sometimes it’s just easier to stay up than leap out of bed early.

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      • Kyly Sheldon says:

        Oh same here! Pumas all the way! I’ve always cheered them on. They’ve come out of nowhere. I’m ecstatic they made it so far. I hate early mornings too, they just feel intrinsically wrong, haha!

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